Eternal CCG draft content written by an enthusiastic drafter with no awards or championships to his name. This site’s goal is to create written content to help players of all skill levels get better at drafting. If you’re an amateur drafter: Welcome! There’s a lot to learn. If you’re an experienced drafter: Welcome! I’m looking forward to learning from you. Let’s Talk Limited.

MTG (Magic: the Gathering) was my obsession when I learned to play as a kid. When I returned to the game as an adult, I fell in love with the draft format. I spent a few years watching and listening to the best players in the world as I attempted to improve my own game. Now, I do my best impression of them while playing Eternal.

I began writing Eternal draft articles while preparing for the 2020 Draft Championship (spoiler: I didn’t win). The broad goal of those articles was to share what I’ve learned from the MTG elites to help players, particularly those who are newer, get better at Eternal draft. Since then, it has become clear that written Eternal draft content is both greatly appreciated and desired by the small, but fantastic, Eternal community. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, will continue to make mistakes, and will do my best to prevent others from doing the same by writing about them. Happy drafting!

– Schaab




Would love to do someday: Twitch Stream, offer coaching in Patreon tiers if people would be interested, have a functional website.

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