Podcast Appearances

Farming Eternal

Farming Eternal ep. 80 Poor Schaab is All Alone – A solo episode. I talk about getting better at Eternal when you don’t have a lot of time to play and give some early thoughts about Empire of Glass draft.

Farming Eternal ep. 77: Argent Depths 2.0 Draft Review with Schaab – Patrick and I break down each pick of an Argent Depths draft.

Farming Eternal ep. 72 About Set 9 (Argent Depths) with Schaab – I join Patomaru and HatsonLamps to talk about Argent Depths draft. I badly explain how to learn different archetypes.

Farming Eternal ep. 69 Drafting the Hard Way with Schaab – My first podcast appearance. I badly explain drafting the hard way.

Friends of Eternal

FEcast Ep. 45: Boring is Good feat. Schaab – Talking with Sunyveil and Stormblessed about being boring and drafting the hard way. We also discuss confirmation bias and other traps that limit a player’s potential.

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