Goblins Everywhere! Upgrading the Arena Intro Deck for Daily Quests – Published January 7, 2022.

Be Boring: A Guide to Building Better Draft Decks (Crimson Vow Update) – Published December 30, 2021.

An Uncommon Approach: “Boring” Deckbuilding’s Impact on Gameplay (Drafts 4-6) – Published June 21, 2021.

An Uncommon Approach: Rareless Drafting Strixhaven Drafts 2 & 3 – Published June 17, 2021.

An Uncommon Approach: Rareless Draft Strixhaven Draft # 1 – Published June 12, 2021.

Historic Mardu Magda: Beating Turn 2 Ugin and Other Info – Published June 6, 2021.

Pledging Prismari: Drafting UR Spells In Strixhaven – Published May 29, 2021.

Be Boring: A Guide to Building Better Draft Decks – Published May 19, 2021.

The Player I Want To Be: May MIQ Tournament Report (Standard) – Published May 18, 2021.

Almost, Paradise Druid: A Drafter’s Historic Mythic Qualifier – Published April 12, 2021. I took a shot at playing Historic for April’s Mythic Qualifier. It was fun!

How to Lose Arena Cube: A Retrospective Guide – Published April 6, 2021. Lessons learned after my first handful of Arena Cube drafts.

The Underdrafted Undead: Rise of the Dread Marn – Published March 21, 2021. Article focused on a single rare that I had some unexpected success with in draft.

Drafting & Deckbuilding

Time to Draft the Hard Way Published on July 30, 2020. Introduction to drafting the hard way and how it applies to Eternal.

Be Boring – Drafting and Building Better Decks Published on on August 31, 2020. Tons of information for newer drafters. Highly recommended for new players.

Be Boring – Audio Version

Forging Fundamentals Published October 17, 2020. Forge walkthrough with an explanation of how my picks apply to draft. Also a section on playing against the AI to improve fundamental play.

Quadrant Theory Part 2: Deckbuilding and Planning. Published September 25, 2020. One of my, uh, more colorful articles. I had a lot of fun writing this one. Applying Quadrant Theory to deckbuilding.

Quadrant Theory Part 1: Card Evaluation Published September 11, 2020. Introduction to Quadrant Theory as a card evaluation tool. Also some thoughts on including “Racing” as a category in Quadrant Theory.

Leveling Up & Learning

Learning from Elites: Shouta Published December 4, 2020. Highlights Shouta at the 2017 Magic World Cup to demonstrate the value of knowing your opponent’s plan. Also some gameplay advice.

Learning from Losses Published November 21, 2020. How to evaluate draft losses in an effort to get better.

Message to World’s Competitors Published November 14, 2020. Just a few thoughts on tournament play (and how most of it is losing).

Listen – Leveling up & Learning Published October 23, 2020. Released at the start of the 2020 Eternal Celebration. How to get better at Eternal (and everything else).

Be Better (Than Me) Published October 10, 2020. Heuristics, general wisdom, and how they apply to Eternal gameplay.


Cooking with Bettorup: Drafting 3-5 Colors in Empire of Glass – Published March 24, 2021.

Drafting Empire of Glass the Hard Way

Drafting Empire of Glass: Archetypes

Drafting Empire of Glass: Eternal Draft Packs – Published January 1, 2021. Reviewing the Eternal Draft Packs in Empire of Glass.

47 Cards to Go: Drafting Legendaries in Empire of Glass – Published December 18, 2020. A fun look at the legendaries in Empire of Glass

Drafting Empire of Glass: Evaluating Rares – Published December 17, 2020. Covers some basics for evaluating new cards in a set with a few thoughts about the Empire of Glass rares.

Drafting Empire of Glass: Zero Games Played – Published December 10, 2020. Early thoughts based on the draft preview event!

Schaab Blog: A Dozen Drafts Published November 5, 2020. A review of my first dozen drafts after the last Set 9 draft changes.

Feln Control Update Published September 27, 2020. Short update about Feln control after draft updates.

Drafting Good Decks with “Bad” Cards: Feln Control Published on August 17, 2020. Finding value in the draft cards no one else wants. Specific information about Feln Control.

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