Feln Control Update

https://eternalwarcry.com/articles/d/chq9EV4wLyU/drafting-good-decks-with-bad-cards-feln-control I wrote the below disclaimer before I published my original Feln Control article. -The majority of this article was written prior to the format changes/updates that occurred on August 10th. I haven’t played enough recently to know the major impacts of the update, except for changeestik, which acts as another win condition for thisContinue reading “Feln Control Update”

Quadrant Theory: Part 2- Deckbuilding and Planning

Trivia Night You love trivia (You sound great. We should hang out). Twice a week, without fail, you go to trivia night at the Local Grande Saloon. You have a core group that’s pretty reliable but your team, Trivia Tron, is a welcoming bunch that’s never the same twice. Your friends, while all lovely andContinue reading “Quadrant Theory: Part 2- Deckbuilding and Planning”

Quadrant Theory: Part 1 – Card Evaluation

1. Evaluating Cards I struggled, I really did. For days, weeks, leading up to Grand Prix Providence, I found myself floundering in areas where I usually excel. I questioned all the methods and strategies that I’d been successful with in the past. Changing my approach didn’t lead to better results. Nothing seemed to be working.Continue reading “Quadrant Theory: Part 1 – Card Evaluation”

It’s Time to Draft the Hard Way in Eternal

https://eternalwarcry.com/articles/d/jNEbDL9PNzI/it-s-time-to-draft-the-hard-way-in-eternal My first Eternal article. I didn’t feel like being able to draft the hard way was a big advantage in Echoes of Eternity draft, but that changed with Argent Depths. The draft packs have been updated since the article was written, so some of the specifics are no longer relevant (shadow 2-drops, for example),Continue reading “It’s Time to Draft the Hard Way in Eternal”

Drafting Good Decks with “Bad” Cards: Feln Control

https://eternalwarcry.com/articles/d/chq9EV4wLyU/drafting-good-decks-with-bad-cards-feln-control This article is more format-specific than the other two. Sadly, this deck is harder to draft now because Wisdom of Elders and the Shadow removal in the draft packs are no longer weighted as heavily. Feln Control is on the advanced end of deckbuilding. Not an archetype for novice players.